The Glenwood Restaurant

Adam Robinson (The Glenwood Bakery) has just opened a small, top end restaurant in Glenwood, Durban. The restaurant has become extremely busy and he is looking for a passionate and robust person to take on a training position in his kitchen. The reason why it is a training position is because he intends to teach the candidate specific skills, related to cooking in a kitchen such as this one.

The candidate will have an opportunity to learn under two very experienced chefs (Adam Robinson himself, as well as John Stanyer – please see our website for a short history of their cooking and business careers). We would like to think that having worked for a period with us would be a particularly interesting and impressive addition to any aspiring chef’s CV.

If there are any young graduates (or non-graduates!) looking for work – particularly work which will add to their learning experience – please ask them to send their CVs to:

There is some urgency to filling this position. The first suitable candidate will be appointed.