Chocolate peanut clusters

Specialised Programme Offerings (Chocolate Arts and Sugarcraft)


Capsicum Culinary Studio offers specialised programme offerings in Chocolate Arts and Confectionery as well as Sugarcraft.

These programme offerings allow you to expand your pastry repertoire to place you in the top level of the pastry arena. These programmes are suited to those who would like to begin a new business or for culinary students who would like to develop their pastry skills.

Highlights of these programme offerings include:

Chocolate Arts and Confectionery 

These skills will include chocolate tempering, the making of gâteaux, truffles, ganaches, nougats and gum sweets.


The specialised programme will allow students to learn and use sugar as a creative medium to develop and practise sugarcraft, including sugar floral displays, royal icing techniques and marzipan modelling, to name a few.