Culinary Schools in South Africa

Are you looking for top culinary schools in South Africa? If you are interested in a career as a Chef, a culinary school degree is something to consider.
If you’re a student chef fresh from high school, or a working professional looking to build your resume with additional culinary educational, there is a place for you to train in South Africa.

Capsicum Culinary Studio is the largest Chef school in Southern Africa, offering a range of Chef courses and cooking classes to meet all of your individual needs. Capsicum Culinary Studio boasts exclusive international associations with the Swiss Education Group (SEG), as well as with TAFE NSW – the Sydney Institute in Australia. Graduates can further their studies at TAFE NSW or any of the prestigious institutions associated with SEG. They will also have the opportunity to be placed in Culinary Industry positions during this time.

Capsicum Culinary Studio has an impressive national footprint with six campuses that are strategically situated in major city centres across South Africa.  Campuses are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Boksburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

 For more information on each school please click on the following map.

 Inspirational Chef Training

Cut your culinary teeth at one of South Africa's most unique and inspiring campuses for culinary education, located all over the country. Take a closer look at our courses and explore our culinary schools to find the best culinary programme for you. Capsicum Culinary Studio offers programmes in Culinary Arts and in the Baking and Pastry Arts to prepare students with the skills they need to succeed in the world's exclusive fine dining kitchens.

Our cooking schools provide a host of opportunities and support structures to ensure that our students excel in each and every aspect of their academic careers.

Each campus has a dedicated Student Advisor to assist our students in making the correct programme choices. Once enrolled, a Student Administrator will also keep track of students’ information, assessments and results. 

Some of the advantages of pursuing your studies at Capsicum Culinary Studio includes the following:

  • Capsicum Culinary Studio assist students with local industry placements during their training for experiential training.
  • During your studies at Capsicum Culinary Studio you will be exposed to various workshops as part of your studies. All of these workshops will further prepare you for a successful career in the culinary world.
  • Capsicum Culinary Studio makes allowance for its students to pay a discounted cash fee and also strives to support its students with a personal payment plan. This involves paying a deposit and subsequently making monthly payments via debit order. This payment will vary depending on the fee charged for the student’s chosen course.
  • Capsicum Culinary Studio prides itself on being the first Culinary College in Southern Africa to fully integrate face-to-face theoretical teaching with the use of technological learning tools. More and more colleges around the world are using tablet computers to enrich the learning experience of students. For the past two years Capsicum has used tablet computers to personalise and enhance its’ students learning experience by making it more interactive and fun.

Capsicum Culinary Studio offers a programme in Chocolate Arts and Confectionary, a first of its kind in South Africa. State-of-the-Art Chocolate and Pastry kitchens are available at our Johannesburg and Cape Town campuses.

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