A letter from the Starfish Group

A letter from the Starfish Group 

Our PE campus recently hosted youngsters of the Starfish Group and taught them a thing or two in the kitchen. Nicky Wooding who is the PEDSA Vice-Chairperson sent through a lovely letter to our campus Principal, Beryldene Bain. 

“Thanks so much for a most enjoyable Saturday morning.  
The young adults all seem to have had a wonderful visit to Capsicum and were each very proud of his/her box of decorated cupcakes which they took home (hooray - their families were also able to enjoy them!).

The Starfish group was formed quite a number of years ago.  Most of the original members got to know each other as small children, when their parents first became members of PEDSA, the Port Elizabeth Down Syndrome Association (which is part of Down Syndrome South Africa).  The group was created so that these young adults would have a chance to meet together at least once a month for some social interaction.  (The sad thing regarding disabled people is that there aren’t many jobs available for them as yet (or people are unwilling to employ them), so once these young people complete their schooling, many just stay home and become bored and lonely.  Now, besides the social aspect of the group, we are trying to introduce other activities which open their eyes to other things and opportunities – thus, eventually, perhaps helping some day to make the Starfish employable in their areas of interest.

The name of the group – Starfish – came from the old story of a lady who was walking down a beach upon which many starfish had been washed up.  She walked along, throwing starfish back into the water, one by one, even though there were thousands which were stranded.  Someone walking past asked why she bothered to throw any back in – what difference would it make?  Throwing another into the waves, the lady replied, “It makes a difference to that one.”  
In the same way, PEDSA can unfortunately not help every single person with Down syndrome, but we hope that those whom we touch will feel that their lives have been enriched.

We are so grateful to places like Capsicum:  With your input and the willingness to put in a little effort, lives of young people like the Starfish members, are brightened. I guarantee that their outing to your premises this past Saturday will be talked about for a very long time, and who knows, perhaps one of those who attended may one day be able to train further and be able to be employed to be a great help in someone’s kitchen.

Thanks again, Beryldene, to you and your staff and students, who made the Starfish so welcomed. 
It is very much appreciated and we hope to visit again in the near future.”

Thank you Nicky for the kind words, the makes our work worthwhile.