Cooking with Super Foods


It’s easy to feel run-down after the festive season and even easier to get sick. But you can take preventative measures by adding garlic to your meals because it:

  • Combats colds and flu
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces blood pressure
Cooking with garlic is simple. It has a strong flavour and  can be coupled with almost anything. 
Roast whole garlic cloves with vegetables for a soft creamy texture, stuff a chicken with it for a burst of flavour or add it to the base of sauces. You can even add it to melted butter and keep it to spread on breads.

If you want to add colour, flavour and nutrients to a dish then, turn to Turmeric. This root looks like its sister, ginger, but possesses a richer amount of goodness 
which can be added anywhere. Some health benefits include:

  • Boosting the immune system, to fight against illness
  • Breaks down dietary fats, to maintain or reduce body weightsuperfoods-turmeric
  • Moderating insulin, for people with diabetes
  • Natural antiseptic, to treat wounds and skin problems
You can add Turmeric to a range of dishes, such as curries and soups or health smoothies. Start yourself off with this recipe  by chef Jovan Bester from our Sunninghill Campus.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The origin of this sweet treat stems from the cocoa bean. Although chocolate bars  don’t carry many health benefits, its raw form does. 
It’s filled with important vitamins and minerals which help your body to:

  • Boost its performance through mental and physical well-beingsuperfoods-cacao
  • Digest foods by stimulating digestive enzymes
  • Enhance circulation by strengthening blood vessels
  • Lower blood pressure
It’s best to purchase this product as organic as possible to get the most nutrients from it. Substitute raw cacao in recipes that require cocoa. You can even purchase it as nibs or whole beans. 

Sometimes, sprinkling a little extra goodness onto your plate makes all the difference with regards to nutrition. In fact, you should always keep your pantry stocked with these healthy powerhouses:

Carob Powder – A naturally sweet, caffeine- free alternative to cacao, you can give anything a chocolate-like taste, without the guilt. Available as powder or nibs.
superfoods carob powder

Goji berries – Delicious in yoghurt, homemade oat biscuits or muesli, these sweet berries are filled with antioxidants and healing properties, especially for your kidneys.

Pumpkin seeds – For a plant based protein that can be sprinkled on anything, these health boosters can improve your immune system, mental health and up your antioxidants too.
superfoods pumpkin seeds

Add some air roasted cashews, pistachios and the above ingredients together to make your own trail mix, so you can have a nutritional kick on the go.

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