Our education philosophy is that a commitment to excellence and training is essential for students in search of high level positions in a competitive industry.

Through this, Capsicum Culinary Studio aims to enrich and empower each student’s culinary ability from a foundational level, right through to senior management. We follow the City & Guilds curriculum, paired with the knowledge of local and international professionals with years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Capsicum Culinary Studio has produced graduates of the highest calibre, working at all levels within the local and international hospitality industry. As our students are provided with placements during their studies, they’re given first-hand experience as to how the professional environment operates.

They’re also able to build networks and learn tips and tricks from leading professionals, beyond the walls of their structured classes. We encourage our students to undertake different tasks such as partaking in food events and competing in competitions in order to broaden their experiences.