Capsicum Culinary Studio continually strives to build and grow partnership agreements with various establishments in order to be a sought-after culinary education institution of choice for prospective chefs.

South African Chefs’ Association (SACA)

The South African Chefs’ Association (SACA) has represented chefs, restaurateurs, educators, learners, industry professionals, culinarians and various other industry parties for close to 40 years. With a number of regional committees situated around the country, SACA is a national representative body for all those passionate about food, the culinary arts and South African cuisine.

SACA provides its members with invaluable opportunities for networking, career growth, overseas travel, industry discounts, and access to a wealth of culinary knowledge.

Each chef student at Capsicum is registered as a member of the South African Chefs’ Association. This allows you to be part of this national network of culinarians. For more information on SACA, visit

Swiss Education Group

Since the establishment of its first hotel school in 1982, SEG has grown to become the world’s leading hospitality education network. The Group’s outstanding successes have set new standards in the hospitality industry and provide inspiration to its many graduates. SEG member schools are 100% Swiss owned, ensuring students receive a quality education with the distinctive Swiss style that is internationally renowned. The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (CAA), a member of the SEG is one of the most renowned international institutes for culinary education with campuses in the centre of Lucerne and Le Bouveret. The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is located right in the heart of Europe where practical kitchen skills are combined with modern management classes to give you the tools to lead a restaurant or kitchen brigade with your Bachelors Degree in hand. For more information on the SEG, visit
A partnership forged between Capsicum and SEG allows our graduates the unique opportunity to further their studies at this prestigious institution.


Western Sydney Institute (WSI) offers accredited qualifications with a practical focus on advancing the education, careers and lives of people.
In 2010 TAFE NSW’s education and training excellence was recognised when it was awarded both the NSW and Australian Large Training Provider of the Year Awards. WSI offers customised services to individuals, industry and the community; this means they skilfully adapt both the content and method of delivery of their high quality education and training programmes to suit specific needs.