Giving back to the community

Capsicum has an ethos of giving back and our national social responsibility programme centres on using our culinary expertise in doing just that. Due to the fact that in our communities today we have many youth that have to take care of their younger siblings, which includes cooking for them, Capsicum recognised the need for youth to be taught basic cooking skills. Since the inception of this programme in 2011, we twice a year teach 14 to 25 year-olds basic cooking skills as well as hygiene and safety in the kitchen. This takes place at all our campuses. The beneficiaries of this programme are also taught how to cook nourishing, wholesome meals using basic everyday products.

We are very proud to have Justin Bonello as the patron of our programme, as he epitomises using the land, being able to cook wherever you are with the ingredients that you have at hand. He loves sharing this with others and his spirit of giving back is second to none.

Further to our national social responsibility programme, our students and staff at all campuses are involved with various outreach and community activities throughout the year. Mandela Day activities are also extremely special to us, not only because we get to participate in the legacy of the great Nelson Mandela, but as an education provider we strongly echo his thoughts on education: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.


Justin Bonello - Chef Patron“In these modern fast paced lives that we’re all leading, our kids often don’t have the opportunity to learn the basics from their parents or their peers. This kick initiative from Capsicum is brilliant. Not only are they giving their time and expertise freely to train up our youth – they’re opening up the world of food possibilities to young men and women who may never have had the opportunity.”

Justin Bonello