Capsicum Culinary Studio would like to thank our sponsors for their valuable contribution and support in order for us to offer the best quality products to our students as part of their learning experience.


Rolkem is the official sponsor of all culinary colourants used at Capsicum Culinary Studio. For more information on Rolkem, visit

Willow Creek Olive

Willow Creek Olive Oil is the official olive oil sponsor of Capsicum Culinary Studio. Visit their website at for more information.

Cerebos Salt

South Africa’s leading retail salt producer Cerebos Salt sponsors all Capsicum Culinary Studio’s table salt for use at the various campuses during practicals. We thank Cerebos for their generous sponsorship. For more information on Cerebos, visit

Culinary Kraft

Chefs have a special relationship with their knives and as such we appreciate the support of Culinary Kraft in providing knives for our kitchens. For more information on Culinary Kraft, visit

Pesto Princess

South Africa’s leading pesto generously gets on board to supply events, student competitions and demonstrations. Visit the Pesto Princess website for more about their delicious products