Academic Manager Chef Deon Roets


Basic Chef, Recruit Chef, Junior Chef, Advanced Chef, Sugarcraft,
City & Guilds Advanced Management Diploma: Assessors and Moderators.

Area of expertise or work experience?

Pastry and Sugarcraft.

How many years have you been in the industry?


Career highlights

Having the opportunity to work with Buddy Valastro, Eric Lanlard and Brian Turner. More than this, being part of an amazing company where we see the development in students and staff through training. This is the essence of Capsicum Culinary Studio.
Another career highlight was being part of a dynamic, logistical team in the Airforce where my career consisted of executing events from start to finish, including food, décor and hospitality.

Who is your favourite chef or inspirational figure?

I admire Brian Turner because he exudes passion for the industry and gives respect where it is due, he is an inspiration to learn from for young and old Chefs in the industry and gives hospitality a new meaning.
Nicholas Lodge is also a firm favourite, he is very passionate about his work and understands creativity. He constantly instills passion and flair into everything he does and lastly, Alan Dunn is an absolute master in cake decorating - there is so much to learn from him, detail is key in his work.

Favourite dish to make and why?

Fruit cake, because of the science in the method. The aromas, flavours and end result are well worth the effort. The aromas in food takes you right back to special memories. Sago pudding is also a firm favourite and I have a recipe which can’t compare to any other.

What's your best cooking tip?

Don’t experiment at the last minute if you don’t understand the science of cooking.