Chef Jody Carolus


After school I enroled at the ICA (Institute of Culinary Arts) and after graduating was placed at the Vineyard Hotel to do my internship.

Area of expertise or work experience?

The mass production environment taught me a lot but I felt pursuing fine dining was a good addition to my portfolio.

How many years have you been in the industry?


Career highlights

I was given the opportunity to work overseas, where I worked in Miami and New York for 2 years. On coming back to South Africa I was chosen to be part of the opening team at the iconic Crystal Towers. I then moved to Madame Zingara where I worked for 3 years gaining valuable experience.

Who is your favourite chef or inspirational figure?

Masihuro Morimoto

Favourite dish to make and why?

Tuna ramen bowl with a Japanese master stock and soba noodles. It’s a basic dish with lots of flavour and if done properly it stays true to the ingredients used.

What's your best cooking tip?

Always use a sharp knife, you more likely to cut yourself with a blunt one.