Before Jamie Oliver became ‘The Naked Chef’ or Gordon Ramsay started ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, they were both aspiring chef’s studying towards their City & Guilds qualification. With Capsicum Culinary Studio, you too can receive an internationally recognised qualification that will open the door to your global, culinary career.

Global access to education 

City & Guilds is a UK-based vocational learning institute that serves more than 1.5 million people around the world. Capsicum offers their culinary arts courses at all six campuses in South Africa, as well as an online programme.

City & Guilds provides the programme curriculum while Capsicum supplies:

  • Registration administration
  • Campus facilities
  • Tuition
  • Learner material
  • Assessments

The courses are structured to cover theoretical aspects as well as the practical application of knowledge. For students who take the programme at one of our campuses, our experienced team of industry professionals lead theory and practical classes.

However, those who complete the programme online are required to work part-time under the guidance of a qualified chef. To facilitate, we supply this tutor with a checklist of the necessary skills to be verified.

Support throughout  

At Capsicum, we pride ourselves on nurturing students who are passionate about the culinary arts in order for our graduates to confidently take their expertise to any corner of the globe.

Register today for an accredited City & Guilds course.