QCTO Occupational Certificate: Chef (Copy)

This culinary programme offers everything an aspiring chef would need to reach the top of the career ladder. The QCTO Occupational Certificate allows you the opportunity to obtain a national qualification. The programme runs concurrently with the City & Guilds international vocational qualification programme.

Entry Requirements

Grade 10 and 18 years of age.

Course Duration

No course information

Course Outline

Phase 1

  • Safety at work
  • Food safety in catering
  • Introduction to nutrition
  • Prepare food for cold presentation
  • Prepare, cook and finish foods by: frying, braising and stewing, boiling, poaching and steaming, baking, roasting and grilling
  • Non-thermal cooking method • Introduction to basic kitchen procedures • Introduction to the hospitality and catering industry
  • Kitchen terminology

Phase 2

  • Safety at work
  • Food safety in catering
  • Healthier foods and special diets
  • Prepare, cook and finish: stocks, soups and sauces, fish and shellfish, meat, poultry and offal, vegetables, fruit and pulses, rice, grain, farinaceous products and egg dishes, bakery products, hot and cold desserts and puddings
  • Prepare food for cold presentation • Catering preparations, cost and menu planning
  • Kitchen terminology • Wine and food appreciation

Phase 3

  • Safety at work • Food safety in catering
  • Prepare, cook and finish: cakes, biscuits and sponge products, pastry products, dough products, hot desserts and puddings, cold dessert
  • Kitchen terminology

Phase 4

  • Safety supervision
  • Food production
  • Food production supervision
  • Staff resource management
  •  Production and equipment resource management
  •  Commodity resource management
  •  Menu planning and operational costing


  • QCTO Occupational Certificate Chef
  • City & Guilds Award in Food Safety and Catering (if not obtained from previous studies)
  • City & Guilds IVQ Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking
  • City & Guilds IVQ Level 2 Diploma in Patisserie
  • Capsicum Certificate of Attendance