Are you passionate about creating tantalising meals or currently employed in the culinary industry with a desire to upskill yourself? Whatever your ambition is, becoming a chef is easy when you have one of the Capsicum Culinary Studio’s professional cooking courses on your CV.

Your future starts here

All of our courses are endorsed by City & Guilds, to provide you with the backing of an internationally recognised qualification. Whether you’re keen on a career change, or simply want to add to your existing skillset, we have a number of stimulating programmes:

  • Combination Programme – This cooking course delivers an all-in-one overview of both food preparation and patisserie. Modules cover all aspects of working in professional kitchens from general safety at work, to creating hot and cold meals for service. Upon completion, learners receive qualifications in both cookery and pastry.
  • Diploma in Food Preparation and CookingWe teach you how to combine your creativity with the practical knowledge required for kitchen duties; including knife skills, menu planning and meat preparation. It’s an in-depth programme that’s fully accredited by City & Guilds, assuring you of an internationally recognised qualification.
  • Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking If you adore cooking, but not certain about becoming a full-time chef, consider this introduction to the culinary arts. This entry-level programme not only covers the basics, but provides learners with an accredited qualification upon completion, giving you the flexibility to use it in future.

Apply your current skills

If you’re currently working in an establishment and have between three and five years’ experience, you can still complete your City & Guilds diploma. All you have to do is provide proof that you have the basic skills required to qualify for credits towards your diploma.

This Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programme means that you can receive your qualification, or upskill yourself further in order for you to be promoted in future.

Capsicum Culinary Studio can propel your chef career and can expand your opportunities. In fact, if you feel that these professional cooking courses are not for you, rest assured that there are several other options available too.

Register today to realise your passion.


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