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Lead the Brigade

Campuses provide students a host of opportunities and support structures to help them excel in each aspect of their academic careers. Right from enrolment, our dedicated staff assist you in selecting a programme that best suits your needs, and tracks your progress until graduation.

The method has been highly successful with past learners as they work their way up the ranks of their kitchen brigades. Our alumni have excelled worldwide, becoming entrepreneurs, executive chefs, food stylists and restaurant owners, to name but a few.

Make the Right Choice

For more than a decade, our institution has maintained a high standard of education with an exceptional pass rate. Therefore, when it comes to choosing where you receive your diploma, there are several advantages to studying with Capsicum, such as:

  • Receiving assistance with industry placements during your studies
  • Taking part in workshops and demonstrations
  • Supporting our students with a tailor-made payment plan
  • Allowing you to further your studies abroad

Capsicum Culinary Studio is equipped and endorsed to expand your knowledge of the hospitality industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Whether you’re looking to become a business owner, pastry chef or product developer, we have a programme to suit your individual requirements.

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