Since 2003, Capsicum has grown to be one of the largest City & Guilds chef school in South Africa. Therefore, if you’re looking for a culinary school in Cape Town, then feast your eyes on our Mother City campus, situated in Salt River. Located close to the bustling CBD and overlooking Table Mountain, this campus offers a creative space for students to develop and grow their passion for cooking. This culinary school in Cape town offers our students:

  • Hot, Cold and Pastry kitchen
  • Theory lecture rooms
  • Wi-Fi facilities
  • Easy access to public transport
  • Nearby parking areas

The Cape Town campus doesn’t offer accommodation, however, we can provide several listing agents who you can rent from.

As the leading chef school in Cape Town, we pride ourselves in the equipment and ingredients that we use to teach aspiring chefs. The fees at Capsicum are all-inclusive. This includes a chef’s uniform, knives and all ingredients, to prepare you for a successful study experience.

Our Cape Town lecturers have extensive experience as chefs in the industry, making their first-hand knowledge an invaluable asset to the students.

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263 Victoria Rd, 6th Floor, Rex Trueform Office Park, Salt River
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
GPS coordinates: -33.932419, 18.457652

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  • Dip. = Diploma | Cert. = Certificate

Cape Town Team


  • One of my most memorable moments at Capsicum Culinary Studio was when I received the top student award in my graduate year as well as a City & Guilds Gold Medal of Excellence in Patisserie award. I now have my own business, called High Tea Tighty, which specialises in cake artistry. I love nothing more than to hear, “Wow, how did you do that?!”, when someone receives one of my special occasion cakes.

    Zaheera Musa
    Diploma in Patisserie: 2008, Cape Town Campus
  • My best memory at Capsicum was definitely the High Tea. All the preparation, excitement and fundraising. I learnt how to plan large events and widened my research in different desserts and pastries.

    Since completing my year on campus, I travelled to the USA to complete my industry work. I secured an internship at a store called Cake & Co. Meanwhile I sent an application to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. I never got a reply so I decided to go visit the factory. Luckily Buddy Valastro was there the day I visited (he is not often in the store). He asked me who I was and immediately took me around the factory and introduced me to everyone. He offered for me to come to a trial day. The next week Tuesday I went as was put to work making 6 000 rugelach with the team! Buddy came up to me and asked me directly to start the very next day!

    I worked on four big cakes for the series Cake Boss, it was beyond exciting. I have made mixtures, rolled dough, boxed pastries and cakes, mixed filling cream for pastries, made cupcakes and cookies in the 1000s (up to 30 000) daily, and also perfected his famous “lobster tails”!

    I accompanied him to Cape Town for the “Good Food and Wine Show” where he was the guest of honour and I was his assistant.  Working in America in the decorating room at Carlo’s Bake Shop is an absolute highlight of my internship. I was inspired to be a pastry chef by watching Cake Boss after school every day for two years. I followed my dream and managed to get the job of a lifetime, to work with my culinary hero. I love the fact that I can take a few simple ingredients and create a work of art and express creativity through food.

    I would still like to travel the world and learn about different pastries of the world. Eventually I would like to open and run my own “special” bakery.

    Ora Eliason
    Diploma in Patisserie: 2014, Cape Town Campus
  • Life after my studies at Capsicum has been a rollercoaster, from working at Myoga for Mike Bassett, leaving there and working at Cassia for Pete Goffe-Wood and David Grier, working under the amazing Chef Dan Evans who reignited my spark and made my fire for food burn bright. Then being head hunted to work for Pick n Pay and becoming a Deli Manager, doing launches, refurbs and reopenings and corporate takeover for the company. Taking on new projects and new concepts and turning the visions of my seniors into reality.

    I am always inspired by the ingredients, the seasons and of course my love for rustic food, good hearty flavours, textures, and balance. All contribute to what makes me love my job. Also, I happen to work with a small group of people who just like me, love food more than anything. So we drive each other.

    To all aspiring chefs, remember – go big, or go home!

    Xandi Minnie
    Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2007, Cape Town Campus
  • I was already a professional chef with many years of industry experience, when I chose to study at Capsicum, so as to enable myself to specialise in the field of patisserie. Upon completion of my studies, I obtained the position of Patisserie Lecturer at the Cape Town branch of Capsicum, which I held for six years. During that time, my students maintained a consistent 100% distinction rate in the international City & Guilds examinations. Two of my students astoundingly achieved the highest results in the world in these very exams.

    I am fortunate to have had the opportunities to achieve many of my career goals thus far. I have worked in a five-star hotel, for a top catering company, as a lecturer educating prospective chefs, co-ordinating and hosting events, doing demonstrations, giving speeches, being interviewed for media publications, in private catering, as a personal assistant in sales, producing food for top celebrities and politicians, with numerous acclaimed local and international chefs, on television programmes, on social responsibility projects, and so on. There are still more career avenues I want to explore and I plan to continue to pursue further education for this purpose. Next year I intend to study Retail Management, so as to enter the food retail sector and to challenge myself to reach my career objectives in that field.

    Daniella Petӧ
    Diploma in Patisserie (Part-Time): 2006, Cape Town Campus
  • Life with and after Capsicum has been an amazing journey. I have worked with the most amazing Chef legends as young as I am. I have worked at the One & Only Reuben’s Restaurant with great Chefs and I have also worked at Majeka House which is the biggest Boutique Hotel in Cape Town. Capsicum does open a lot of doors with the most exciting exposure. My most memorable time was when we as students would gather with various students studying different programmes to put together a large function combining the skills that we have acquired at Capsicum Culinary Studio. It was always amazing. I learnt to work with a team and how to always learn from other students.

    Mandisa Zama
    Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking & International Hospitality Management Diploma: 2013, Durban Campus and completed at the Cape Town Campus
  • During my studies I was the Executive Sous Chef at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa in Newlands Cape Town. Currently I am the Executive Chef of Arusha Coffee Lodge for the Elewana Collection which includes the Elite Sky Safari Experience, Tanzania East Africa. My advice to future Chefs is to be real and be who you are. Operate with a conscience. Being at the top comes with great responsibility. Always be willing to learn from those below you. Work hard and make sacrifices, it always pays off. Never compare yourself with another Chef. You get great master Chefs and you get great banqueting Chefs, so never aim to be something you are not. There is a position for you, you just have to decide what it is. Put your head down in your junior stages of your career, steal with your eyes and operate with common sense. The industry is small yet global – never forget someone is always watching.

    Jeromy Joubert
    Advanced Management Diploma: 2010, Cape Town Campus
  • The best thing I learned from my studies at Capsicum, was being exposed to so many different aspects of the culinary world, and realising that I don’t have to be caught up in a hotel or restaurant kitchen in order to pursue a career in food but that I could in fact combine my dream of working in the media and in the food industry. I am blessed to be working with true legends in this industry: Claire Winstanley (who I am currently an assistant to) and Zola Nene (who gave me the opportunity) both of whom I am truly and forever grateful for. I was also lucky enough to have worked with Katelyn Williams who was also part of the Expresso Show. Having worked with so many talented women in this industry has inspired me to push myself that much harder to hopefully someday be somewhat of an inspiration to young up and coming chefs.

    Sebastian Newman
    Diploma in Patisserie: 2014, Cape Town Campus