I was already a professional chef with many years of industry experience, when I chose to study at Capsicum, so as to enable myself to specialise in the field of patisserie. Upon completion of my studies, I obtained the position of Patisserie Lecturer at the Cape Town branch of Capsicum, which I held for six years. During that time, my students maintained a consistent 100% distinction rate in the international City & Guilds examinations. Two of my students astoundingly achieved the highest results in the world in these very exams.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunities to achieve many of my career goals thus far. I have worked in a five-star hotel, for a top catering company, as a lecturer educating prospective chefs, co-ordinating and hosting events, doing demonstrations, giving speeches, being interviewed for media publications, in private catering, as a personal assistant in sales, producing food for top celebrities and politicians, with numerous acclaimed local and international chefs, on television programmes, on social responsibility projects, and so on. There are still more career avenues I want to explore and I plan to continue to pursue further education for this purpose. Next year I intend to study Retail Management, so as to enter the food retail sector and to challenge myself to reach my career objectives in that field.