My best memory at Capsicum was definitely the High Tea. All the preparation, excitement and fundraising. I learnt how to plan large events and widened my research in different desserts and pastries.

Since completing my year on campus, I travelled to the USA to complete my industry work. I secured an internship at a store called Cake & Co. Meanwhile I sent an application to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. I never got a reply so I decided to go visit the factory. Luckily Buddy Valastro was there the day I visited (he is not often in the store). He asked me who I was and immediately took me around the factory and introduced me to everyone. He offered for me to come to a trial day. The next week Tuesday I went as was put to work making 6 000 rugelach with the team! Buddy came up to me and asked me directly to start the very next day!

I worked on four big cakes for the series Cake Boss, it was beyond exciting. I have made mixtures, rolled dough, boxed pastries and cakes, mixed filling cream for pastries, made cupcakes and cookies in the 1000s (up to 30 000) daily, and also perfected his famous “lobster tails”!

I accompanied him to Cape Town for the “Good Food and Wine Show” where he was the guest of honour and I was his assistant.  Working in America in the decorating room at Carlo’s Bake Shop is an absolute highlight of my internship. I was inspired to be a pastry chef by watching Cake Boss after school every day for two years. I followed my dream and managed to get the job of a lifetime, to work with my culinary hero. I love the fact that I can take a few simple ingredients and create a work of art and express creativity through food.

I would still like to travel the world and learn about different pastries of the world. Eventually I would like to open and run my own “special” bakery.