Life after my studies at Capsicum has been a rollercoaster, from working at Myoga for Mike Bassett, leaving there and working at Cassia for Pete Goffe-Wood and David Grier, working under the amazing Chef Dan Evans who reignited my spark and made my fire for food burn bright. Then being head hunted to work for Pick n Pay and becoming a Deli Manager, doing launches, refurbs and reopenings and corporate takeover for the company. Taking on new projects and new concepts and turning the visions of my seniors into reality.

I am always inspired by the ingredients, the seasons and of course my love for rustic food, good hearty flavours, textures, and balance. All contribute to what makes me love my job. Also, I happen to work with a small group of people who just like me, love food more than anything. So we drive each other.

To all aspiring chefs, remember – go big, or go home!