At Capsicum Culinary Studio, we invite aspiring chefs from around the world to join us by becoming leaders in their field of expertise. We’ve already taught and trained students from America, India, Kenya, and Spain, all with the same passion: to learn the skills required to be successful culinary masters.

Mandatory paperwork 

Travelling across borders for educational purposes means that international applicants need a South African study visa, and this can take up to four months to finalise. Therefore, we recommend that prospective students apply for their study visa well in advance, through:

  • The Department of Home Affairs
  • SA High Commission
  • SA Embassy

You can view the student visa requirements here. Should your study visa not be ready in time, refunds are unfortunately not granted.

The necessary steps

To be accepted at Capsicum Culinary Studio campuses, international applicants need to follow these steps:

  1. Pay an application fee in order to receive a provisional acceptance letter. This can be used as a supporting document for your student visa application.
  2. Once you have obtained your official student visa, you need to provide certified copies of your valid passport and medical certificate, as well as proof of medical insurance.
  3. A registration form has to be submitted with these certified copies and your full course fees, prior to the start of the programme.
  4. The relevant course fee must be paid in full, prior to the commencement of your studies.

Important details

It is mandatory that upon arrival in South Africa, students must open a local bank account and become a member of a South African medical aid provider. Until this is finalised, international applicants need to have travel insurance to cover the cost of any potential accidents.

Join our elite alumni by completing an internationally City & Guilds awarded course, by signing up with Capsicum Culinary Studio in South Africa.