At Capsicum Culinary Studio, we want to ensure that our students have access to the education that they deserve, which can fulfil their dreams. In doing so, we have several payment options available to applicants such as:

  • Cash Payment – Making a once-off, complete payment
  • Terms Option – Upon arrangement, you can pay a monthly fee that is agreed with you.
  • Credit Card – We accept Visa and Master Card upon prior arrangement.
  • Online – Once registered, you can pay via EFT.

Student Loans

Capsicum Culinary Studio can assist with a database of financial institutions that offer financial assistance to applicants. These loans are structured in such a way that during your studies, all that needs to be paid is the monthly interest accrued on your borrowed amount. Therefore, once you graduate and enter the working world your capital amount needs to be repaid.

If you would like more information, your nearest campus can assist. Alternatively, you can also contact your bank to see what options are available to you.


Call our national call centre and let one of our consultants assist you in choosing a course and payment plan that best suits your needs.