In order to access the online course, you will need the following minimum requirements:


  • A smart device to take, download and share photos and videos.
Most students prefer to use a smartphone and any digital camera can be used.
  • A way to view lessons and videos. Viewing lessons and videos can be done on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • A way to write and edit documents. For editing documents, a keyboard and mouse are ideal.
  • A way to scan, upload and share documents.


  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer, Mac OSX or greater, Chrome OS
  • Tablet, Phone OS: Android 4+/ iOS 6+
  • Internet Connection: ADSL/Broadband high-speed internet
  • Please note: If your internet speed is lower than the following recommendations, you may experience long load times and media buffering.
  • Download speed: 25 mbps (or higher) Upload speed: 6 mbps (or higher)
  • Computer Processor: SSE2 compatible Dual Core 2GHz or higher
  • Computer Memory: 4 GB RAM or greater
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum
  • Browser:
    Safari 5.1+, Chrome 27+ (including ChromeBooks), Firefox 21+, Internet Explorer 10+, Opera 12+
  • Other:
    For Media File Downloads Only, Excel 2003+, Word 2003+, All PDF readers

Your home study Kitchen Equipment list! This is merely a guideline of equipment that you would need over the period to prepare the required dishes (recipes) during your online course.

  • General Home Equipment
    Oven – Domestic
    Stove Top/Hob – Domestic
    Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Cooking Utensils
    Pots – Any pot that can take approximately 500g of products
    Pan – Any pan that can sauté and fry products, preferably Teflon coated / non-stick
    Baking Trays / Oven trays
    Oven Gloves
  • Kitchen Smalls and Accessories
    Chefs Knives – Chef’s Knife / Paring Knife
    Chopping Board
    Can Opener
    Spatula / Egg Lifter
    Sieve / Colander
    Measuring Jug
    Measuring Spoons
    Seasoning Containers – (Salt & Pepper)
    Cooling Rack
    Piping Bag & Nozzles
    Bowl Scraper – Pastry Spatula (rubber)
    Rolling Pin
    Tongs – Any type will suffice
    Spatula / Egg Lifter
    Serving Spoon / Cups
    Scale – Digital
    Pastry Brush
    Mixing Bowls
  • Kitchen Hygiene supplies
    Hand Wash Soap
    Hand Sanitiser
    Kitchen Towel / Dish Cloths
    Kitchen Swabs / Cloth
    Sanitiser – General All Purpose Surface
    First Aid kit – Plasters (Waterproof and burn aid gel/spray or cream)