Capsicum Culinary Studio wants to encourage and help aspiring chefs to achieve their goals of receiving an internationally accredited qualification. Understanding that not everyone can attend full-time classes, we’re proud to offer various City & Guilds part-time culinary courses to meet the needs of these individuals.

Assess your qualification needs

Part of our philosophy is to make education accessible to all aspiring chefs. Through various programmes on offer, students can continue to work while studying with us. Part-time studies occur two evenings per week where you’re required to come in and complete the practical component of the programme. Theoretical work is completed in your own time. .

Each of these courses cover a broad spectrum of information relating to a specific area of the culinary industry. All you have to do is evaluate your requirements and make your selection.

The City & Guilds accredited courses (part time and full time) that are currently available include:

  1. Certificate in Food Preparation and CookingAn entry-level programme that covers the fundamentals required to work in a professional kitchen. So when you’re seeking a foot in the door or wish to upskill yourself, this qualification is for you.
  2. Diploma in Food Preparation and CookingThis diploma combines the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a Chef. It includes modules on safety, nutrition and knife skills, as well as working with different cooking methods.
  3. Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking RPL – This Diploma is suitable for students who have gained 3-5 years years’ industry-related work experience and are looking to advance their skill-set or specialise.
  4. Diploma in Patisserie – This is a specialised course which can open many doors for you in this highly sought-after skill. With a patisserie qualification you can run your own bakery or be part of a brigade where you can create your own masterpieces. Furthermore, you’re also trained in how to develop and execute your design ideas.

Structured schedules

Students are required to attend two lessons per week for the duration of the programme. This is according to availability and capacity, which can be confirmed by contacting your nearest Capsicum Culinary Studio. The advantage of studying part-time is:

  • Earn an income whilst studying.
  • Maintain your daily commitments.
  • Being able to change your career whilst working.

Our pledge is to develop and offer programmes in various study formats in order to accommodate the needs of our students. This means that anyone can follow their passion.

Kick-start your future whilst still having the flexibility to meet your current commitments, thanks to our part time culinary courses.