Living your culinary dream is easier than you think when you’re part of the Capsicum family. We lead our students from the very beginning by providing industry insights, potential opportunities, and extensive knowledge from our highly trained staff.

Through the guidance of the academic manager, Chef Deon Roets, you’re assured that you’ll graduate from Capsicum with the necessary skills and experience, for a definite edge.

Students on our campuses have access to training kitchens that are fully equipped with quality equipment and fresh ingredients. Furthermore, our highly skilled industry-trained and experienced lecturers focus on assisting and preparing students in attaining the exact outcome of the training programme.

Hard work pays off

Many of our alumni have gone on to start their own businesses, risen through the ranks of leading establishments, and ultimately made a name for themselves in the industry. That’s why at Capsicum we keep in touch with our graduates to utilise these connections for networking and industry placements of current students.

Capsicum also boasts an exclusive association with the Swiss Education Group (SEG). After completion of your studies at Capsicum, graduates can further their knowledge and study abroad at one of the renowned campuses in Switzerland.

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