We measure our success by our graduates

In more than a decade Capsicum Culinary Studio has produced over 4,000 alumni working all over the world. Capsicum Culinary Studio alumni are now establishing themselves as leaders within various markets and are growing into an enviable and enjoyable network. You will find our graduates working at various levels in the industry. Their employers range from boutique establishments to large multi-national hotels and resorts. Others have taken the entrepreneurial Capsicum spirit and established their own hospitality-inspired businesses and consultancies.

The skills learned at Capsicum Culinary Studio are not only applicable in the culinary world, but also in an entire industry of hospitality-related businesses:

Culinary arts jobs

  • Restaurant owner
  • Executive chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Private chef
  • Cruise ship chef
  • Airline catering chef
  • Health/wellness chef

Endless professional options

  • Catering manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Research and development project chef
  • TV food show consultant
  • Food writer/critic/stylist
  • Culinary instructor
  • Kitchen designer
  • Nutritionist/dietician

We encourage our esteemed alumni to keep in contact with us. If you have graduated from Capsicum Culinary Studio then please contact marketing2@capsicumcooking.co.za to share your story.