Industry Placement:  The World is Your Classroom

Industry placements form an integral and extremely valuable part of the City & Guilds programme. The Capsicum Industry and Development Team work with hotels and other hospitality businesses across the country, to ensure our students have access to the best training opportunities available.

It is important to note that preference of establishment and remuneration during your industry placement is not guaranteed. This may differ from one establishment to another. Your academic requirements as a student should be adhered to, in order to ensure successful placement. It is important to remember that student and industry code of conduct is key to placement success.

The industry placement process starts early in the on-campus academic semester. Students are required to prepare their curricula vitae and list three industry preferences on their industry placement request form. The Capsicum Industry and Development Team then research the available positions at suitable hotels and related establishments.

Industry placements offer the following:

  • The ability to put into practice the skills and knowledge learned
  • In-depth, hands-on experience in a variety of different roles
  • Insight into the world of work and the responsibilities entailed
  • Realistic experiences of the chef and hospitality industry in a variety of sectors
  • Experience different company cultures, systems and work practices
  • Work references for your future career
  • An insight into the different range of career paths
  • Personal growth and independence
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Access to internal job vacancies at these establishments