Capsicum is proud to be a stepping stone for our graduates, helping them to further their education and complete a bachelor’s degree abroad at the Swiss Education group (SEG). The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (CAA) is an internationally renowned institute for culinary education that forms part of the SEG Group.

This world-class institution in Switzerland offers students the chance to live, learn and work in one of the leading countries for hospitality training.

Educate, explore and experience

By immersing yourself in the culture, language and way of life, you’re bound to gain more than just an exceptional culinary experience. Regardless of the campus you choose, either downtown Lucerne or in Le Bouveret next to Lake Geneva, each establishment offers:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Modern training facilities
  • Industry-leading equipment and technology

The different CAA programmes are structured to give an overview of the hospitality industry. The facilitators and lecturers are all professionals from each area of the kitchen and guide students through tasks by sharing their knowledge and experience.

The Culinary Arts Academy not only couples passion with dedication, but also provides the right ingredients to cultivate a culinary career. Through this aspiring chefs can expect:

  • A focus on European cuisine – Located in the heart of Europe, students are exposed to long-standing culinary traditions and cutting-edge food trends.
  • Practical experience – On-the-job training includes paid internships that can be taken in some of the best Michelin starred restaurants and four and five-star hotels in Switzerland.
  • Small hands-on classes – Students receive personal attention from internationally experienced chef instructors in addition to top-quality facilities and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Worldwide career guidance – The CAA offers its students career guidance and internship advice and opportunities through the International Recruitment Forum, organised by the SEG Group.
  • To join an elite group -After graduating, you become a member of the Swiss Education Group’s global alumni network with over 20,000 other graduates.

Navigating your future

Culinary skills are universally recognised which means that the travel opportunities can take you around the globe. Therefore, whether you want to work at a remote island resort, in a 5-star hotel or on a cruise liner, your culinary qualification is the ticket you need.

Upon completion of the CAA course, graduates are matched with international job prospects by the International Recruitment Forum – organised by the Swiss Education Group (SEG).

Let Capsicum be your first step towards a bright future.