Welcome to Capsicum Culinary Studio, choose your study path.

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Welcome to Capsicum Culinary Studio, choose your study path.




In addition to academic excellence, we offer graduates an invaluable foot-in-the-door to employment within the hospitality sector. As part of your course fees, you also receive membership to the South African Chefs Association (SACA), which ensures participation in competitions, networking events and conferences.

Instead of watching innovative dishes being made on TV, why not learn how to create them yourself? At Capsicum Culinary Studio you can choose to either study on campus, full or part-time, as well as the option to study at your own pace through our online programmes.


  • The best moment at Capsicum Culinary Studio was cooking my first dish in my new uniform as a Chef. My proudest moment was on graduation night when I received the Capsicum Culinary Studio Ambassador Award for being the best student at the Johannesburg campus, and finally graduating! I now run my own company “Kutlwano Food Connoisseurs”, based in Johannesburg and I hold the creative connoisseur position, thanks to my head start at Capsicum Culinary Studio. I love creating dishes that describe my personality, and I am inspired by my will to learn more about food and satisfying my clients.

    Keletso Kungwane
    Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2013, Johannesburg Campus
  • After my studies at Capsicum, I went back home to Uganda and started my own catering company. Two years later I went to France to study French Pastry and learned more about French cuisine. After my course I moved to Sweden. I am currently the Pastry Chef at American Table in Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Sweden. I have so many good memories from Capsicum, but the highlights were definitely creating recipes from our mystery baskets; trips to organic farmers markets; the Good Food and Wine Show and getting together with other Chefs from the South African Chefs Association. The reason I love being a Chef, is the satisfaction I get when I see happy customers taking pictures of their plates as soon as it arrives and then later saying they enjoyed their meal. This is the reason I keep going.

    Carol Mugamba
    Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2008, Johannesburg Campus
  • My highlight during my studies was to work with well-known Celebrity Chefs at the Good Food and Wine Show. After my studies I had the opportunity to work at various establishments, including the Buffet Zone, Champetre Wedding and Spa and the Daily Buzz. Currently, I am Senior Chef Lecturer for the South African Chefs Association. What I love most about my job currently is to see my Chefs appreciate what I teach them. Also having the privilege to turn ingredients into great dishes. People and a Chef’s

    jacket inspires me! Currently I am also on the judging panel of the SA Food Review. My dream is to one day open my own reputable Chef School.

    Chinua-Achebe Chikala
    Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2008, Pretoria Campus
  • My best memory of my studies was the first day at campus. I did not know what to expect, but had the feeling that this is where I belong.
    Since leaving Capsicum I started studying for my BA in Culinary Arts at the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland. I currently have a culinary internship at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland.

    I love being able to create dishes no matter how simple or complicated and watching the customers’ expressions as they take the first bite. I am constantly inspired by the people around me and inspired to make a difference on the culinary scene.
    The best advice I can give to any prospective student is don’t compare yourself to others. We all have different ambitions in life and where we want to end up in our career. Be who you are, not who someone else is.

    Dean Carl Wadsworth
    Combination Programme in Culinary Arts: 2014, Pretoria Campus
  • What I like about being a chef is that I can create and invent new dishes and flavours. I can make people happy with my food as art and I can follow my passion and dream. The things that inspire me most are flavour and nature. Weird combo but true. When you take a bite or sip of something and it takes you down memory lane that is the best inspiration of all. It opens your mind to a whole new world to explore and the ideas start flowing.
    After my studies as Capsicum I worked at few places, but I wanted something exiting. Then I found a position at a small 70- pax restaurant in Hazelwood where I worked my way to the top. I’m now the head chef there and it may be a small restaurant but it’s always packed full of people who like our delicious food.

    Jean Marie Hanekom
    Combination Programme: 2014, Pretoria Campus
  • During 2013 I competed in the International Young Chef Challenge as part of the SA Junior Culinary team for under 25’s. Our team won a bronze medal for the Hot Kitchen entry. However, it was our Cold Table presentation that really impressed the judges and won us a silver medal. I recommend that young Chefs take part in as many competitions as possible as it is a good way to learn to work under pressure, digest feedback and to raise your profile. Half of being a good Chef is having the ability to innovate. My advice to young Chefs is to do your utmost to start working under a good mentor Chef as you will receive recognition for whom you have worked for. Currently, I am the Chef de Partie for Chef George Georgiou who was recently honoured by being inducted into the World Chefs Academy.

    Jasmin Marsal
    Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2011, Port Elizabeth Campus
  • After my studies at Capsicum I started my own business in Port Elizabeth called Guavadilla Bakery. The best advice I can give to prospective chef students, is that you must be sure it is what you want, you must be willing to put up with long hours, little sleep and a tremendous amount of pressure. In this industry you don’t always get recognition for the hard work you do. Hard work really pays off. Good luck to all those who want to go on the journey of becoming a chef.

    Jessyca Pam Oberholzer
    Combination Programme in Culinary Arts: 2014, Port Elizabeth Campus
  • Among the many memories, one of my highlights would be working at the stadium during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The whole experience will forever be treasured as we made a mark in South African history. After leaving Capsicum Culinary Studio, I worked at a resort in Florida, USA. That was my first international journey and Capsicum had laid the best foundation I needed to handle that experience. When I came back to South Africa, I started working as a Pastry Chef at the Oyster Box Hotel. I hope to someday soon acquire my Swiss Chocolatiers certification which will help me in opening up my own restaurant with the main focus being desserts. Before I do, I wish to gain as much international experience as possible, which is the reason I will be leaving to work in America.

    Caren Jade Marimuthu
    International Professional Chef Management Diploma: 2011, Durban Campus
  • The best thing I learned at Capsicum was definitely my final practical examination. It taught me to manage my time, which is one of the many key ingredients for a successful chef. I am currently the Head Chef at a 4-star corporate hotel in Johannesburg called All Suite on 14TH. One day I would like to have my own restaurant that brings foods from all over the world on one menu.

    Lloyd Robert Naidoo
    Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts: 2011, Durban Campus
  • The best memory from my studies at Capsicum was definitely when they arranged for us to work at the 2010 World Cup, at the Moses Mabida Stadium. After working in the industry as Head Chef, I came back to Capsicum as a lecturer. Education is my new passion, and I would like to one day have my own catering school positioned in a rural area, maybe even start a social development programme within a community, educating young underprivileged individuals on food and how to become a chef. Our happiest time in the day is when we are eating, I love being a part of people’s lives when they are at their happiest. Food brings people together and creates an atmosphere like no other.

    Afzal Mohammed
    Combination Programme in Culinary Arts: 2011, Durban Campus
  • My best memories are speaking to and researching recipes with my mentor Chef Liberty from the Boksburg campus. He was not only my lecturer but I could also always consult him with any culinary related issue any time of the day. Pastry was my passion and Capsicum is my stepping stone into a whole new world. I am currently studying a BA degree in Culinary Arts at the Cesar Ritz College in Le Bouveret, Switzerland. I would like to do a few more internships in Copenhagen and England before returning to Johannesburg to open my own Patisserie.

    Martin Ferreira
    International Chefs Management Diploma: 2013, Boksburg Campus
  • After my industry training at Carnival City, I now own a coffee shop at Germiston (Imperial General Motors). In future I would like to I would like to see myself studying further at Capsicum to gain more knowledge as chef and owning a big restaurant and helping others. My advice to all aspiring chefs is that you must love what you do and know what you love best, you must be willing to work hard and long hours.

    Rofhiwa Tshikororo
    Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking: 2014, Boksburg Campus